Some Halloween Fun and Treats with Fry’s Goodies

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We broke out the glow sticks before Halloween because how could you not? Next we did some pumpkin carving with some cool tools from Fry’s.


Pumpkin carving kits make everything about pumpkin carving easier. We used all the tools in the pack and you can see from how many eyes we ¬†carved that we had lots of success. Isn’t this jack o’ lantern amazing?

Lastly, we made some really fancy treats using a recipe from Fry’s Cooking School.

We made Fall Cream Puffs with pumpkin cream and they were delicious. Like a light pumpkin pie with a delicious cream puff crust. A dusting of powdered sugar and we ate them all.


Halloween is almost here and we are in the spirit. How about you?



Please note that the wonderful folks at Fry’s Food Stores were kind enough to invite me to try one of their Fry’s Cooking School recipes (which was so delicious but very challenging. We were very pleased that our cream puffs came out! It is not easy to make cream puff shells. The filling however, was a snap. Email me if you want the recipe) and provided me with ingredients for the recipe.

They also gifted me these amazing baskets with Halloween treats to start celebrating Fall. I am a loyal Fry’s shopper and am happy to recommend the Halloween goodies for your family. The Haribo Scare Mix gummy treats were a blast as they included rings that we all wore (and then ate!). Our family was split on the Brachs Candy Corn Crunch so you will have to try that for yourself and let us know!

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