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Sunnies All Around

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Cori M. 😘😘 South Scottsdale Mommy of these three cuties and photog with mad skills (taking this amazing selfie + 3) says:

We love to get out and explore all over the Valley. I’m home all day with these three minis (Sadie 4, CJ 2, Will 2 months). We also love all shades because the sun here is just so bright. We got these from the Phoenix Children’s Hospital booth at the Children’s Festival in Scottsdale last weekend. Since we all had matching sunnies we took advantage of a photo op.

October 11, 2016

In Wyoming, What My Dad’s Dad Stopped To See

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It took a magnifying glass, but together at the kitchen counter in the house where I grew up, my Dad and I were able to find out just exactly where he was (he is perched on the rock with his younger brother, seated above his father in the dapper white suit and his mother with the stylish hat; gentleman in the double-breasted suit, a family friend) on this day in 1941. Read more…

August 30, 2016